Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Cake

Sugar Free Chocolate fudge Cake

Sugar Free Chocolate fudge Cake Yes, really.........I made it, it looks like this...

The official verdict was good, then they scoffed the lot in one 1day! I want to add a little disclaimer here, when cooked, this isn't light. It is more like the consistency of fudge/pudding. It really did hit the spot, to cure a cake craving, I just didn't want you to expect a light fluffy type cake. I would also like to point out, I always weigh my eggs in shells, then work the recipe around it, if your eggs weigh slightly less, add a little more milk, to compensate. If they weigh a little more, add a little less milk! Another thing, I am not up on my 'sweetener etiquette', so make sure it's suitable for baking.

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