Style your kids with TK Maxx

Style your kids with TK Maxx

I remember like yesterday when i came to visit my then "boyfriend" for the first time in London. He spoiled me so much! He took me places to visit historic sites but he also show me all his favourites pub in London too. And of course like any good guy he took me to the shops for treats as well. I finally got to see TkMaxx the shop he told me so much about - the place where you can find clothes(and not only) from big label brands for less. My now hubby bought lots of things for me then. I was so proud showing of my goodies when i came to Romania. However it wasn't the last time i visited. Now 7 years later i still buy lots from TK Maxx - for me, for my hubby and for my girls. Even my parents and my sister every time they came to England to visit us stopped by TK Maxx to buy goodies.

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