5 things to consider when planning your bathroom

So you are planning your bathroom. You have spent hours looking through bathroom suite catalogues and lost countless hours on Pinterest searching for inspiration. Final decision – tiles. Here are five style inspiration ideas to help you finish your dream bathroom.

1. Feature wall Minimalist bathroom with feature wall

Image via Pinterest

Feature walls are popular in other rooms of the house so why not take the idea to the bathroom? Whether you are reserved in your love of patterns or dare to be bold and make a statement a feature wall can work well in a bathroom. Brightly tiled splashback

Image via Pinterest

2.Frame your mirror

For those who don’t want to go the whole hog and commit to whole tiled feature wall a compromise can be to focus on making the area around the bathroom mirror a feature. Bathroom style tips - frame that mirror

Classically understated  / Image via Pinterest

A floor to ceiling section of plain tiles not only give functionality as a splashback to the sink area but also creates the optical illusion of height, drawing the eye upwards. This would be especially effective in smaller bathrooms.

Moroccan inspired tiles Moroccan inspired / Image via Pinterest

3. All eyes down

Tiles are a practical and hardwearing solution for bathroom flooring. More practical than other flooring options, they keep the inevitable water spills from reaching the floorboards below, a must if you have children like mine, who seem to leave more water on the floor than in the bath! For a chic, sleek, minimalist look choose larger tiles suitable for both the wall and floor and use the same tiles for both. If you decide on small mosaic tiles do consider the day to day cleaning implications, unless of course you know of local company providing specialist cleaning services. floor wall tiles matchingModern meets classic / Image via Pinterest

If you are looking to introduce a pattern or splash of colour into a bathroom then floor tiles are worth considering, especially in smaller bathrooms.

Nordic geometric bathroom inspiration Geometric style / Image via Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/311663236686699310/

4. Colour me spacious

Contemporary spaceContemporary space / Image via Pinterest

The right choice of colour can make or break the smaller bathroom. A shade too dark can make the space seem smaller and darker. Choose light bathroom paint and tiles to create the optical illusion of light and space. If you are a colour lover you can compromise by choosing brightly coloured towels and accessories for a light coloured bathroom, the colours will really pop!

Small Bathroom Using accessories to bring colour /Image via Pinterest

44567c7144570e89856a33d0a3a65059 Floral colour enhances this bathroom space / Image via Pinterest

5. Use brick tiles to create the illusion of space

There was a time where brick style tiles would only be seen in kitchen spaces but over the past couple of year they have rocketed in popularity in bathrooms too. Drawing the eye horizontally across the wall they can give the illusion of space. A timeless style.

tiles from tileflair Jade brick tiles / Image via Tileflair feature wallMaking  a small bathroom feel spacious / Image via Pinterest

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