Stuck with you, Eternally

Stuck with you, Eternally. | Sticky Chronicles Dear Diary,

Nah..Just kidding.

This first boy, He is The thinker, he is protective by nature. I sometimes think he thinks too much.

He makes me feel like he is my elder brother more then a son. He looks out for me, at times he asks me where I was going and what time I’d be back. Its like a mini interrogation.

I love him to bits he just don’t know it. Ever since he is back with his dad, I miss his seriousness and his jokes.

He is one funny chap, in his own ways. The way he tell his jokes with his serious face and then you get all confused on whether to laugh or not.

He is getting better with his photography skills, not quite of a sports person but trying. Loves dismantling gadgets and he has a passion for cars and it’s parts.

An odd fellow yet charming.

This boy sometimes worry too much but I know he has a heart of gold.

Love and missing you!

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