Strolling, sipping and shopping along Zürich’s Niederdorf

Strolling, sipping and shopping along Zürich’s Niederdorf

If you ever decide to spend a weekend in Zürich (which I’d wholly recommend), you’ll want to amble along one of the most charming parts of the city, Niederdorf. With its cobblestone streets and quaint cafés and restaurants, not to mention the gorgeous shops (one dedicated entirely to beautiful stationary), it’s one of my most favourite parts of the city.

Head down there early on a Saturday morning (before 11am is wonderful) and sit outside one of the coffee shops sipping your favourite morning drink and watch the streets and shops come alive. It’s also the perfect time for little darlings to investigate their surroundings as there’s few people about yet so they can run up and down without bumping in to and getting lost amongst the throngs of shoppers and tourists that make their way there in the afternoon.

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