Strawberry tart heart love!

Strawberry tart heart love! - Over there to Here

When is it a perfect time for strawberry tart? Always but it’s truly scrumptious in the summer when strawberries are sweet, ripe and plentiful. The fresh berries layered on a cream cheese filling in this recipe will make your heart flutter. Kids love strawberry tart so what better way than making it in the shape of a heart. Combined with crisp pastry and the sweet creamy filling, this fruit tart is a marriage made in heaven. I chose a heart shaped, fluted and loose bottomed tart pan to make our strawberry dessert. Strawberry tart in Cockney slang means heart. In Cockney rhyming slang, which originated in the East End of London, you would say ‘my strawberry tart’ instead of ‘my heart.’ Kids also love heart shaped tarts.

You might also want to add a chocolate layer by brushing the cooked pastry with melted chocolate. Once it’s cooled add on top the cream cheese filling and strawberries.

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