Strawberry Jelly

Strawberry Jelly

elly is one of those foods that I've thought for a long time would be really cool to make and it turned out to be really easy too, though time consuming. Most of that though was waiting around so it would be ideal to do around other things, slotting the little individual stages in between other jobs. I went searching the Internet for a recipe that I could use without fiddling with it buuuuuuut that didn't work out. None of them made me go 'Yes! That's it!' So I did a very stupid thing considering what I was making for the first time something that could literally turn into a puddle when I took it out of the mould. I combined recipes. I didn't have a clue whether they would all mash together well enough but thankfully it was a worthy gamble and I got something that tasted lovely without the guilt of ingesting a pile of artificial stuff.

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