Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

What makes it so good? First and foremost, there is a strong strawberry flavour. This tricks me into feeling that all the goodness is retained from the fruit so it doesn't live up to the reputation that jam isn't good for you. Second, there is the perfect set. It isn't drinkable and it can be spread without churning up everything it comes into contact with without being warmed in the microwave first. Yes, I've been there. Not fun. Third, there aren't whole pieces of fruit in it. I'm not a fan of lumps in jams or yoghurts. The mashing prior to cooking solved this. I took inspiration from this recipe here for that, which brings me onto my final point. It is below the 50:50 ratio and still tastes amazing, spreads fantastically and at still beats mine and Mum's absolute favourite shop bought strawberry conserve (their word not mine) from M&S.

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