Strategic food swaps for weight loss

Strategic food swaps for weight loss

Let’s face it, weight loss is never easy – particularly when you’re sleep-deprived, surrounded by children and with no time to exercise.

But what’s helped me shift the pounds after having baby number 3 (apart from Weight Watchers that is) is the idea of making strategic food swaps. These are the conscious decisions we make through the day to refuse one food in favour of another. And making strategic food swaps means you can still eat daily treats and achieve weight loss, without feeling deprived. For example:

1. Swap two tablespoons of mayo for two teaspoons I’ve swapped ladling mayonnaise on in a carefree fashion for a carefully measured out two teaspoons with my new potatoes.It might sound tedious but I still get that lovely mayo taste, without overloading on empty calories.

2. Swap so-so biscuits for your favourite treat It’s amazing how often you can end up eating snacks or treats that you aren’t that fussed about, or don’t even really like, simply because they’re there. The last chocolate in the box is often a case in point.

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