Story of A Miscarriage (Part 2) - Expatlog

Story of A Miscarriage (Part 2) - Expatlog

No one tells you what to prepare for when you miscarry, beyond the practicalities of industrial strength sanitary supplies. We’d arranged to see a show in London’s west end and rather than mope at home we continued with our plans. It never crossed our minds we’d run into people who had yet to congratulate us on expecting again. I was blindsided and mutely plastered a smile, mumbling thanks. As long as I kept walking no one could strike up a conversation. An hour later I sat in the stalls, ensconced in the dimly lit intimacy of a packed theatre, while my mind was in the Gods oscillating between daydream and distraction. It rehashed the days events, sought to shape the shards into something graspable and whole then, beaten by the Sisyphean nature of the task, took refuge in the on-stage fiction only to return minutes later. It didn’t help that we were watching Mary Poppins; children, childhood, the blurred lines between imagination and reality; pieces of what might have been lay scattered all around. The irony wasn’t lost on me...

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