Stormy weekend in Hove

Stormy weekend in Hove

There’s no place like Hove. Seriously, there isn’t. I might live in Brighton now but I loved living in Hove for a decade. With our bathroom makeover on and no opportunities for hot showers, we decided to decamp and stay at the in-laws in Palmeira Square whilst things settled down. It was great to be back, even on one of the stormiest weekends.

What did we do this weekend in Hove?

- Woke up late on Saturday as the storms woke Little G at 3am ‘Mummy, there’s something noisy and scary in my room?!’… - Went for a short walk along Hove seafront…otherwise Little G was going to get blown away! The wind was seriously fierce and the pebbles were piled high on the promenade full of interesting sea gifts thrown back like cuttle fish, mermaid’s purses and netting...

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