Stopping Breastfeeding

Stopping Breastfeeding

I've avoided writing about breastfeeding for ages.

I've avoided it because I clearly don't trust myself to be honest enough or informed enough and all the while it's very hard to convey my breastfeeding journey without it sounding like advice. And this was never supposed to be the advice blog.

Regardless, in response to a big week in my own breastfeeding journey, I'm swallowing these fears and insecurities and talking about breastfeeding today.

Because Euna and I ended our breastfeeding journey this week. Why did it end? Well it was just our end. I'm happy with the timing and I'm really happy to report she has taken it totally in her stride.

Me though? It seems I have a little wave to ride. If I go back a way, to when Euna was born, breastfeeding was hard. Seriously hard. Crying everyday for a fortnight through pain and guilt and lack of guidance hard. But I stuck with it and it got easier, then it got wonderful and then it just became really normal.

Of that journey, I am very proud. I am proud of myself for persevering, I am proud of Steve for supporting me through...

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