Stop wearing clothes that make you feel crappy

Stop wearing clothes that make you feel crappy

I’m definitely guilty of this. Mostly on a Sunday, if I’m having a veg day and I know I’m not going to leave the house, I inevitably reach for an old pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody. Because I think if I’m not going out, I don’t have to bother too much.

But what I end up doing is making myself feel crappy. I find that something as simple as what I’m wearing has a big affect on my outlook for the day.

On that veg out Sunday, I go for the same two-three t-shirts that I hate. They’re old. They’re unflattering. They’re mis-shaped. But I’m not going out, so it doesn’t matter, right?


I’ve realised that as soon as I put on this stuff, I feel ‘bleugh’ about myself.

I have so much to choose from – why pick the worst clothes I have which should be thrown out or taken to a charity shop?

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