Stonehenge, Should you go?

Stonehenge, Should you go?

So as you can see from my previous post, 2 weeks ago we visited Stonehenge. To be honest it’s not a place I would normally have taken the children to. I had been there once before in my early 20′s and from what I remembered it was a pretty non-interactive walk around the stones. Which are impressive, but really how many kids are happy just to look and not touch/climb? I totally understand why it is not open for toddlers and pre-schoolers to clamber over, who wants to look at a truly remarkable ancient wonder of the world and see a 5 year old having a tantrum on one of the stones?

However seeing as is was included as part of our English Heritage membership and it was (almost) on the way down to my mum’s we decided to give it a go.

This review isn’t going to follow the usual format, because we were on holiday I didn’t take my usual notes and my memory is foggy, its going to be as and what I can remember!

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