Stone Age Teeth, DNA & Chinese New Year

Stone Age Teeth, DNA & Chinese New Year

We eased in to Wednesday with our usual reading at breakfast time routine. It is such a relaxing part of our day and we all look forward to it.

We went to the library after breakfast where we spent an hour reading. Theo found a book about China which he really enjoyed and Tristan chose several picture books to bring home. We came home with so many books that our arms were aching.

The boys asked if they could do a couple of the activities we tried at the home education group yesterday. I hadn't expected this but I was more than happy to set them up with the materials they needed. They started by using an ink pad to make finger prints. I gave them three cut out hands and asked them to add their prints. We all examined our prints and decided that we all have loop prints. It was a fun activity and led to some interesting questions about the things which make us unique.

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