Still Life Lesson

:) Hey everyone it's been a very productive day. I started off with Emah teaching me how to draw a coffee cup and how to shade in, then she showed me how to draw a plastic cup. I was so pleased with my pictures I couldn't wait for my next challenge. The new picture was where Dominic, Sean, Emah and me all drew a water bottle it was so good to see how we all did it a bit differently yet every picture was beautiful. Then Emah said now to take the techniques you have learn't and do the three of them together, just as my cousin left she put a straw in the coffee cup originally I didn't think I could draw it, but in the end I felt it needed to be there so drew it into the plastic cup instead. below i will put the still life I did at my college Practical Test which I believe stopped me getting into the course and after that will be the pictures I did today I hope you like them as much as I do :)

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