Still Breastfeeding at One Year

Still Breastfeeding at One Year

This is not a post I expected to be writing, yet here I am, still nursing Archie at one year old. When I was pregnant with Dylan, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed, and thought six weeks seemed a good length of time. I didn't really know anyone that had fed past a couple of months and that seemed to be the natural point to swap to formula and bottles.

The six week mark came and went. We had established our routine, my milk had come in and settled and things were going smoothly. The idea of sterilising, buying powder every week and carrying more around in my already bulging nappy bag was not appealing, and I decided that I may even feed my son until six months. By then he would be sitting up, eating solids and not needing to nurse any more, or so I thought. I started going to the local breastfeeding support group, mostly because it followed on from baby massage, but I started to see people feeding children from babies up to one year olds, and the idea of feeding a little longer was a lot less strange.

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