St(h)ealthy biscuits!

St(h)ealthy biscuits!

Of all the things that my girls enjoy baking, biscuits must be at the top of the list. From being very small, they have both loved rolling out the dough, choosing the cutters, pressing the cutters into dough to make wonderful shapes and - most of all - eating the biscuits when they're baked!

We've got quite a collection of cutters now - some we've bought ourselves, others were given to us, and a couple we've picked up on our travels from places like Scotland and even Canada! We keep them in an old metal biscuit tin and it's pretty much full now - but it doesn't stop me eyeing up new cutters when I can, like these fantastic ninja gingerbread men!

Small daughter had a friend over to play on Saturday afternoon and they didn't take much encouragement to come into the kitchen to make biscuits. Now, I have to confess that I did have a bit of an ulterior motive as I wanted to try out a new biscuit recipe, but the girls didn't mind and were soon busy choosing cutters from our tin ...

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