Stepping Outside the Box

Stepping Outside the Box

I feel like sometimes as we grow up that we can be afraid to step outside our comfort zone. Which is totally understandable, as teens we are vastly sheltered from a lot of things. However, sometimes we get so comfortable living inside this glass box of ours, that we forget to venture out into the world. (Myself included, sometimes staying home seems like a much better option than heading outside, but it needs to be done.) I feel like as we grow up, we are sometimes afraid to take risks and do the things that gives us butterflies in our stomach. Yet, as it turns out, most of the times its those types of opportunities, that are the ones that will help us to start truly living our lives. Whether it’s to follow a dream, change the world or learn something new, it all begins with you. While yes, I can understand if the thought of doing this may be daunting for some. I assure you that if you just keep reading, you will see that it’s not as hard as it might may seem.

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