“Stephen Ward Musical”

“Stephen Ward Musical”

It is unwavering in its attempt to show Stephen Ward as a scapegoat for the illicit and immoral doings of the 1960’s establishment, yet almost every element of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest West End show fails to justify its own existence as a musical version of a now 50-year-old scandal.

Opening with the repetitive number ‘Human Sacrifice’ which sees Ward as a statue in the Blackpool Chamber of Horrors stood between Hitler and the Acid Bath Murderer, introducing his ‘unconventional’ life sets up the whole tone of the show without a hint of doubt or mystery.

The unexpected number, ‘You’ve Never Had It So Good, (You’ve Never Had It So Often)’, should have been witty and steamy but instead lacked any sense of eroticism with a poorly choreographed routine. This lack of tension is indicative of the whole performance which at best meandered its way through the events of the Profumo scandal without any sense of drive or drama, such that the trial towards the end was overly dramatic in contrast, due to both the domineering set and sudden blast of music.

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