Stella & Dot: Sardinia Necklace Review

Stella & Dot: Sardinia Necklace Review

I have long loved dramatic jewellery. I like bold colours and the bigger the piece, the better. So when my friend invited me to a Stella & Dot jewellery party, I was ecstatic. It’s spring time, the perfect time to take off those parkas and pull out the jewellery.

You may have heard of Stella & Dot, it’s been featured in Gossip Girl, InStyle, and Glamour Magazine. Some of the top celebrities have been spotted adorning gorgeous pieces of Stella & Dot, to give you an example of how high this brand goes.

If you haven’t heard of it, like I hadn’t, get ready to fall in love! I know I did, completely head over heels!

I will give you a sneak peak at my new Sardinia necklace from the spring/summer collection. Just to give you a taste of what Stella & Dot offer.

From the moment I opened the gorgeous decorated box, surpassed the lovely Thank you! note, and saw that little green box at the bottom, I felt pampered and I hadn’t even laid eyes on the necklace yet.

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