Steelhouse Festival | Headliners: Europe

Steelhouse Festival | Sunday 20th July 2014 | Headliners: Europe

After our late arrival on Day One, we got our act together on Sunday and made it on time for the first band. The weather was fabulous, so we grabbed a couple of chairs and found a nice spot on the field to enjoy the music and the sun, with great views of the stage and the surrounding nature.

Led by the charismatic Conny Bloom, Swedish band Electric Boys opened the festivities. It took the band 15 hours to arrive in Wales from Stockholm, in fact right when their concert was supposed to end on the Saturday… They performed an extended set, cheered by the audience.

South Welsh quartet Buck & Evans followed and Sexy Hubby and I agreed that we want to hear more from their blues-rock music. Chris Buck and Sally Ann Evans, as well as drummer Bob Richards and bassist Dominic Hill, share an incredible chemistry, reflected in their songs. Their first record should be released later on this year and it will definitely be added to our – rather large – collection.

Bad Touch then got on stage...

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