Steampunk in Alingsås & Copenhagen

Steampunk in Alingsås & Copenhagen Well, my family and I went away on holiday for a week. We started in Alingsås Sweden where there were 2 great festivals going on simultaneously. There was the Steampunk convention and also the festival of lights and both were fab! Before we went away I cobbled together costumes for my girls to wear from bits out of their wardrobes plus a few bespoke pieces including augmenting a mini top hat with some spray painted swimming googles..

Here are the girls outfits and please excuse the quite frankly disturbing blurry faces, but necessary for their anonymity I'm afraid... The convention was held in a school and no matter what efforts went into making some kind of 'vibe' it was still quite obviously a school and a rather dreary one at that. The drabness of the environment was in stark contrast to the fabulously inventive costumes and gizmos on display there

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