Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk Fashion

So I'm getting very excited about the Steampunk festival coming up in Alingsås Sweden this October. Obviously I need to make myself and my little girls some outfits to wear so here is my moodboard steampunk fashion taster...One thing you don't see here are any of the guns that are so common in the steampunk look and I was thinking about this a lot over the last few days...'to have guns or not to have guns, that was the question'... And the answer was 'No'. I wouldn't have guns now, so why would I have guns in a parallel world? I just wouldn't! I don't like 'em! Besides which I take my steampunkery very seriously and there is no place for toys in my look. I apologise to fans of the nerf gun and steampunk pistol ray gun thingamabob but they ain't for me. Might spray up one of the girls water pistols for them though... I also found some crap swimming googles I'll turn into some cool gold steampunk googles for one them too.

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