Starting to decorate our bedroom

Starting to decorate our bedroom

So today I thought I'd start sharing how we got on decorating our bedroom. We moved back into our bedroom at the beginning of December and while the decorating's done, there's still a few more things I want to sort out - like new bedding, some pictures and a new alarm clock - before I class it as completely done.

But back to the decorating. Our bedroom was long overdue some attention as it was last decorated shortly after we moved in back in 2002. We thought it would be decorated in 2013 as part of the Phase 1 decorations and we keenly ripped up the carpet and sold and dismantled the wardrobes in anticipation. But that was before we had The Builder Troubles when work stalled as we were unhappy with the quality of their work and prevented them from starting any new work until we were satisfied with the work done so far.

To cut a very long story short that meant our bedroom and the spare bedroom didn't get decorated, nor did some of the walls in our living room as we couldn't bear to have them in our house any longer.

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