Starting school - fear of the unknown

Starting school - fear of the unknown

All around Britain, parents are feeling anxious, including parents reading this right now. In a few short days, their kids will start school. Maybe they will do part-time, maybe they will do full-time. But either way, 4 year olds will wave goodbye to their anxious parents and enter a classroom for the first time.

It's a scary time. Having been through it three times myself, I can totally relate to that (and you just know I will be feeling just as anxious when my younger two start secondary school). There aren't so many unknowns second and third time around, but it is no easier letting your younger children start school than when your eldest starts.

It is fear of the unknown. Will they manage to read and write? Will they make friends? Will they like their teacher? Will their teacher like them? Will they eat at lunchtime? Will they manage to go to the toilet OK? Will they manage to get changed for PE?

No wonder parents are worried. For some it is the first time that their children have been away for the day and out of their control.

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