Starting School again!

Starting School again!

It’s been a big week at HQ, I officially went back to school this week!

After several weeks of arguing with Student Finance England (another day for that story – maybe a Ranty Friday) they have agreed my loan for my fees, the Open University has sent me a pile of books, I have bought lovely new stationery  and I have met with my tutor!

So that’s it, I’m a student – for real – actually studying something academic. Eeeeeek!

I’m very lucky that the OU have given me a credit transfer from previous study (my nursing training) so I don’t have to do so many modules. Although it does mean that I am rather thrown into the deep end with a level 2 course, having studied nothing at this level for about 7 years. I’m not sure my brain will cope – but nothing ventured nothing gained!

So having waved the household off I set myself up with Radio 4 in the background, a big cup of coffee to keep me going and all my books ready for some serious work!

I even sent Badger a text picture to prove I was working!

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