Starting School

Starting School

A long time ago when my son was born I struggled to understand what was happening to him – he kept being sick, really sick, like hitting the walls sick…

I didn’t know what was going on…so I turned to the internet for advice, and discovered that he might have reflux, and that I should go to the doctor for advice and help. I kept on going until they listened.

Our kids come in tiny packages, but without those dam useful instructions included! I needed advice, and bloggers seemed to be there to help. It saved me – and made me persevere, and, at this time, I didn’t even blog.

Now I know what our blogging community can do to provide help and advice, and even just to sympathise with other mums and dads going through the same parenting challenges.

I am therefore introducing the Parenting Tips Linky: Instructions not included on KiddyCharts as a permanently open resource to post links about particular parenting topics that we all need help and support with from time to time.

Come and join in – we are starting with your starting school posts...

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