#SSAmazingAchievements: Building Blocks!

#SSAmazingAchievements: Building Blocks!

Unless you spend a lot of time with children, you don't really appreciate how much of a big deal it is when a child actually reaches the point where they can pick up some building blocks and stack them on top of each other.

S has been fiddling about with her blocks for weeks; she had four plastic ones that came as part of another toy, and was experimenting with stacking them. Unable to resist, I bought her a pull-along cart with 20 or so coloured wooden blocks. Mostly, she just threw them around the play mats.

Eventually I got sick of finding them and putting them away in the box every evening, or tripping over them (or standing on them!), or finding them in my shoes or in the kitchen or on the sofa. So I put them in the box and just sort of hid them in the corner. 

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