Squash and Beans

Squash and Beans

It was the big ‘pot on’ this morning at the plot, specifically squash and beans. I sowed the seeds for both in the first week of April which has proved to be far too early. In my defence both are new to me. The beans are Mr Fearn’s Purple Flowered a French climbing variety originating in Ireland and the squash are American Tonda, a small ornamental pumpkin with orange and green stripes. I was hopeful that the beans could be planted in one of the raised beds where there is a bit more shelter but after consulting Bob during morning coffee I’ve decided to move them up a pot size and hope that it will be warm enough for them to be outside in a couple of weeks time and knowing how ‘soft’ squash are when it comes to a bit of cold weather we’ll make a hot bed on the the new plot if necessary.

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