Spring Resolutions

Spring Resolutions

Spring. A time when Nature throws back her cold, freezing blanket of frost, ice and snow. A time when new life springs forth. The dreary grey of winter replaced by the warmth of colour. When the days grow long and warm and the nights feel more welcome. 

Spring.  A time of rejuvenation and revival, of new beginnings. A time to cast off the old and weary. A time to change. When everything around is proclaiming a new dawn, a new awakening.

Spring Resolutions Spring. There can be no better time to make new resolutions. Ones that are for keeps. The ones that promise to change your life for better, forever. 

I made a bunch of these when I stepped out in 2014. But as in years gone by, most have been broken already not three months into the New Year. Most all bar a couple perhaps. 

Why Resolutions Made on 1st January are Doomed for Failure (or why March should be the New January) So why is it that resolutions made in January never seem to stick? I can think of a few good reasons why they are doomed for failure from the very outset:

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