Spring flower sun catchers

Spring flower sun catchers - This Enchanted Pixie //

Hello! These are what we spent our afternoon making yesterday! After a showery start to the day, the sun finally came out, so we took a little walk and collected some flowers along the way. Nothing beats spring flowers to cheer me up and I love having them in the house. We were in the mood for some crafty time, so we made these pretty suncatchers after we got back home with the flowers that we had picked.

You’ll Need: flowers/leaves/blossom clear sticky back plastic coloured paper

We cut an oval shaped frame out of our pretty pastel coloured paper, then cut two pieces of sticky back plastic that were big enough for the frame to fit on.

Put one piece sticky side up on the table, and stick the frame to it.

Arrange your flowers in any pattern that you feel like.

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