Spotted: some teeny-weeny tomatoes

Spotted: some teeny-weeny tomatoes

It's been a while since I shared a veg plot update, mostly they've been about my battles with wildlife (see How my garden fared fending for itself). Thankfully that all seems to have settled down and my veg has been allowed to grow in peace and quiet!

Traditionally my garden is a bit behind other gardens, I put that down to it being North facing - that and the fact I'm normally a bit behind with my planting too!

After a false start or two, my tomatoes are now doing well - I've even spotted some teeny-weeny tomatoes on a couple of the plants, so it's looking good.

They're on one of the Supersweet 100s and they're the biggest fruits I have (so far); one of the Rosadas is also starting to develop some baby plum-shaped tomatoes but they're too small to photograph just yet.

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