Sponsored Posts – a pot of gold or the devils touch?

Sponsored Posts – a pot of gold or the devils touch?

There’s no denying that blogging can be a great way to make some extra money, supplement an income or even in some cases become your income. One of the most lucrative ways is through “sponsored posts” – some brands will pay anywhere up to £200 for a sponsored link on your blog. I have and probably will continue to include some sponsored posts on my blog. BUT I would only do this for brands I have either used or love. I was really surprised recently when someone commented on a post of mine that ”sponsored is exactly that – sponsored. It’s not an endorsement, they pay you to write it”. Which got me thinking, am I being naïve? Should I be totally cashing in? Or should I stick to my integrity? If I was to post something about a brand on either this blog or Charlie Moo’s I would believe that MY READERS would think I was endorsing that as a product/brand/service. “I wouldn’t write about anything you don’t believe in JD. I read your blogs on the basis you know what you’re talking about which is what makes you special.” Chelle Davey volunteer for Little Pickles Markets.

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