Spiky Green Tomato Chutney

Spiky Green Tomato Chutney This is the first recipe I’ve posted on this blog that doesn’t contain cheese but I can pretty much assure you that it may not have cheese in it but it will certainly have cheese on it, under it and with it! The tartness of the green tomatoes combines with the sweetness of the apples and red onions and the spices to make a delicious, almost sweet and sour, flavour that goes perfectly with a tangy farmhouse cheddar. It’s been a good year for tomatoes in our garden but, alas, they’re just not ripening much anymore and if any do struggle through, they are immediately set upon by a legion of slugs and snails. So rather than surrender them to the slimy army, when a relative presented me with a big bag full of windfall apples, it seemed the perfect opportunity to stock up on chutney for the winter ahead.

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