Spicy Vegetarian Meatloaf

Spicy Vegetarian Meatloaf

I do not cook many vegetarian meals for my family. I would like to but with a meat eating partner who likes to have meat for every meal, and two boys who are a little fussy with their eating, I find it easier to make meals that I know they will all eat! However, meat free meals are cheaper and can be very nutritious and healthy too, so I do try to sneak them in from time to time to my weekly food plan.

After receiving my latest DegustaboxUkfollow delivery for March, I excitedly looked to see what I had been sent to see what meals I could create. This month I have made two new recipes a sweet and a savoury one, based on the DegustaboxUK ingredients and what I had already in my kitchen.

Here is my savoury offering a Spicy Vegetarian Meatloaf. I guess it is odd to call it a meatloaf really, but it was going to be spicy beanburgers instead but then I saw my loaf tin and thought oooh that could work and so a meatless meatloaf was what I thought up. This is how I made it

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