Spicy Slow cooker pulled pork

Spicy Slow cooker pulled pork

If you are going to have friends over for dinner in order to have a good catch up, you might want to do something like this - super easy given that you just slap on a marinade and bung it in the slow cooker for the day. Given how distracted I am, it probably wasn't a good idea to embark on cooking something for some friends that I've never made before. (I've mentioned this before. Suicidal Suppers, the Husband calls them, before slinking off to the Shed to wait for the swearing to pass). I'd seen this slow cooker pulled pork on Lavender & Lovage and decided that it was definitely worth a shot, and the whole slow cooker thing appealed. Of course, in my distracted state, despite reading the recipe 2 or 3 times I completely missed the bit about 'marinade for 24 hours or overnight', and didn't have half the ingredients Karen used for the marinade, so I just made it up as I went along, slapped on the spice mix, bunged the meat in the slow cooker, and hoped for the best. A bit like moving house, really...

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