Spiced Pumpkin and raisin tea cake

Spiced Pumpkin and raisin tea cake This is a proper cake. Like the your best date, it can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion - bake it in a pretty bundt tin and pop a mini pumpkin in the centre, drizzle with orange flower icing, and bedeck it with leaves and flowers for a full-on autumnal centrepiece. Or, bake it in your trusty loaf tin and enjoy a generous chunk with a pot of real tea to get you through the afternoon slump. Slice it and wrap in little foil parcels to unwrap on chilly woodland weekend walks...

When you make your last cup of tea of the evening, pour an extra one for your raisins, and make yourself a promise to spend an hour in the kitchen making this cake. Is there anything better than warm, spicy fruitcake gently baking in the oven while the rain pours down outside?

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