Spiced Apple Crumble Traybake

Spiced Apple Crumble Traybake

While I was out for a walk at my Mum’s last weekend, we passed a garden with an abundance of windfall apples laying across the front lawn. So, hoping I was not trespassing, and also thinking that if the owner of the house and tree had wanted the apples they would have already collected them from their garden, Jenson and I picked up 4 large ones to take home with us for an apple homemade something or other.

I decided to make an apple traybake and I had some Steenbergs mixed spice which I was recently sent, which I knew would compliment the fruit. I so enjoy an apple crumble aswell as an apple cake, so I decided that a crumble traybake would satisfy my needs perfectly!! Hence, my Spiced Apple Crumble Traybake was made.

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