Speculoos Fudge

Speculoos Fudge

My friend and co-worker Charmaine’s 10 year old son has recently discovered the joys of Speculoos. You remember Speculoos – my foodie obsession this year – the little cinnamony biscuits but in paste form. It’s also called Biscoff or Cookie Butter. I thought I’d be adventurous and attempt Speculoos Fudge – I have never made fudge successfully before, but I am never afraid to give things a bash, so off I set. I used a recipe from the Figgy Bakery website as my inspiration.It calls for a lot of sugar, so apologies now to Charmaine if Adam’s teeth fall out! But it is delicious. The texture actually turned out like Scottish Tablet, but Speculoos Tablet didn’t have quite the same ring to it! This was surprisingly easy to knock up….

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