SPD - Help with Noise

SPD - Help with Noise

I have previously talked about Sensory Processing Disorder and what happens when the brain has trouble filtering out the 7 senses, help understanding sensory modulation and difficulties when this is to do with Tactile (touch) and Proprioception (body position) this time I’m going to talk about problems with the Auditory sense (hearing).

For me this is the most painful to see, with the other types my son seems to get over-stimulated, where as with this he can really cover his ears and seem in pain. Although it also seems to be, for my son, the most short-lived reaction.

Hypersensitivity –  TOO MUCH

• Distressed by sudden or loud noises • Distressed by sounds that don’t bother others (e.g. phone ringing) • Cannot focus/ complete a task when there is background sound • Scared of appliances like lawn-mower outside, blender

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