Space Day

Space Day

We are counting down the days now until Harry starts school, and I'm trying hard to make them memorable. It's getting a lot easier as Mia gets older, I have struggled in the past to come up with things that entertain them both at the same time. I thought it would be really fun to have a whole day themed around a particular topic. Pinterest is the place to go for amazing crafts and activities, and a space rocket I saw made from toilet rolls inspired me to come up with 'Space Day'.

I did some planning the day before, and enlisted Harry to help me. We made some planet bunting by cutting out and colouring in circles of card to string up, and also built our own rocket from things in the recycling box. We even made a space themed cake, which was iced with black icing and decorated with lots of chocolate stars. Once the children were asleep, I covered the kitchen table with tin foil and collected together some of his space themed toys. Then I came up with a list of activities ready for the next day.

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