South India by Bicycle – A Summary

South India by Bicycle – A Summary

head of our bicycle tour of South India we were filled with a certain amount of trepidation. Afterall, we are in our 60′s. Would we be safe? What is the state of traffic and roads? We need not have worried. So, what were our overall impressions of this 2,300km trip? As for the actual cycling, we were pleasantly surprised...It is plain that we are not the only cyclists to tour around India yet we were amazed by the attention we received. Groups of children, women and men constantly would wave, shout and laugh as we passed by. Every time we paused we would be confronted with the repeated cross examination; what’s your name, what country even how old are you. Bizarrely, when departing one of our first hotels, the owner insisted on taking photographs of us shaking hands. This would become a common feature of our trip so much so that we started to feel like celebrities. We even featured in a local newspaper. However, it was comical when a vehicle overtook us and suddenly stopped. The driver instantly jumped out and ran alongside us whilst being photographed by his passengers.

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