Soothing Lavender And Epsom Salt Bath Soak

Soothing Lavender And Epsom Salt Bath Soak

I started making this soothing Epsom Salt, Lavender and Calendula bath soak when I discovered that one of my twins had very sensitive skin. Both her sisters could have fun with bubbles and coloured water, so I started making her her own ‘special‘ bath mixtures that not only looked pretty but helped look after her sore skin.

Lavender Epsom Salt Bath Soak

You need 1 cup of Epsom salts 1 cup of dried milk powder (full fat if you can get it, but any type is ok) Approx 15 drops Lavender essential oil A generous sprinkling calendula petals (optional)

Mix together the Epsom salts and dried milk. Then add your Lavender oil and stir well so that the oil is evenly distributed. Finally add the calendula petals.

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