somethings #9 {bear grylls and ‘plops’}

somethings #9 {bear grylls and ‘plops’}

this week has been a bloody good week for these two. they’ve both had good results from school regarding homework results, ‘ser y wythnos’ {star of the week} etc. on top of whooping my ass at bowling on the wee! so this week’s ‘somethings’ is dedicated to my babies and the weird and wonderful stuff going on with them this week. so without further ado…

robb: just O B S E S S E D with bear grylls right now. heading off with his backpack up to the woods after school with his mates to practice those all important survivor skillz. i, on the other hand got a little freaked out when i saw bear’s face covered in some animal blood…uchafi! //

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