Some Things Will Never Change

Some Things Will Never Change

This morning we were onto a winner. Time spent preparing last night meant that book bags, PE bags and laptop bags were neatly lined in the hall. I KNEW where my keys were, which is as rare an occurrence for me as seeing a shooting star, and the children's school uniforms were all clean and ready.

I sailed through traffic on the way to my meeting, singing along loudly to the radio and revelling in the freedom of finally being let out of the Christmas-shaped cage that was becoming less and less appealing as the school holidays went on (I love watching Elf, eating until I am full from stomach to throat, playing games and drinking port in the middle of the day as much as the next person but seriously, we were all in need of some personal space). I got to my destination early, caught up with some great friends and colleagues and managed to leave with them the box of festive Fox's biscuits that I had been itching to get out of the kitchen cupboard for fear of tearing them open and adding an inch to my waistline in one sitting. The children went straight to

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