Some Sad News...

Back last year, Kitty our cat had four kittens. Stripey, Tabitha, Talya and Alexander Pushkin. We found homes for three of the kittens and kept Pushkin to replace my cat Seven of Nine who we had to put down around the time the kittens were born. Anyway, I digress... Stripey and Tabitha went to the same family. They renamed Stripey Tiger and I regularly get photos and updates on how they're doing from a mutual friend. But this week, I had some sad news. Tiger had been run over by a car and had died. I felt so sorry for the family, but it also made me feel sad too. Apparently, Tabitha was missing him too, but the family let her see his body and sniff him before they buried him and she seems to have been better since then and enjoying her cuddles.

Some sad news I'm sure you'll agree, but Tabitha is happy and that's the main thing.

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