Some Bloggers Have All The Luck

Some Bloggers Have All The Luck

My first ever attempt at parody. Sing to the tune of 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' by Rod Stewart if you really must.

Chorus: Some bloggers have all the luck Some bloggers have all the gain Some bloggers get all the breaks Some bloggers do nothing but complain

Sat at home in front of a computer screen and I'm screaming That other blogger has 5000 followers I'm sadly lagging How does it feel when they win giveaways and rank higher It seems so unfair when there's luck everywhere but there's none for me


Competitions to run on the blog I hope it is me Trying all I can Trying really hard at everything Other bloggers get sponsored posts My bank is empty A blogging career seems a distant dream I ain't that lucky - See more at:

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