Solo parenting - how do you do it?

Solo parenting - how do you do it?

So yeh although i am married most of the time i feel like a single parent.

99.99% of the time i am the one taking all the decisions regarding my girls. Simple decisions but time consuming ones.

When do we eat? What do we eat? Anastasia can't eat the same thing as Kara...

Aw...wait Kara can't go to nursery today as she is snotty and she is coughing so i need to figure out a plan and activities for the whole day...

At some point one of them will cry or scream because they are not happy...

The weather changed as well so is not sunny and nice.

The girls need to be dressed with thick clothes. Clothes that they don't like.

Anastasia will scream as she just doesn't want to get dress.

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