Social media and social responsibility or 'No I do not 'like' murder...'

Well there was me about to quickly approve a couple of comments on here and then lie my sorry self back down on the sofa, but reading the news on my phone while the laptop charged up a story showed itself which is so utterly, frustratingly, head versus wall stupidly argh that I appear to be knocking out a blog post instead. Facebook. Yep. Apparently it’s ok to share and watch pictures of people being murdered as long as you don’t say that you like watching people being murdered. No. You just watch the murders to reiterate that you don’t like watching murders at all. Confused? I’m not surprised.

After a bit of a debate earlier in May Facebook removed some video footage, one video of which was of a woman being beheaded. Now, it’s decided that actually, having had a little think, it’s perfectly ok to share this video as long as they have a little warning first. The warning is “Warning! This video contains extremely graphic content and may be upsetting.”

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